The Experience

Curious about what to expect on your big day? Whether you’re planning a destination wedding or an intimate affair, the foundation of my photography is capturing those candid connections that are part of every event milestone event. I know there’s a lot of ground to cover, so let’s get to know each other! Scroll down and I’ll answer a few frequently asked questions for your upcoming wedding.

Q: How would you describe your photography style?

Bold. Colorful. Candid. One of my strengths is understanding how to take portraits in any landscape, whether that be a vast mountain range in Canada or the coastline of Mexico. Once I’m in the editing room, I enhance your photos to bring out vibrancy with color, but I keep it true to life to make your photos timeless. My team and I are known for our expertise in candid photography - capturing those special, fleeting moments. That’s what sets us apart.

Q: What makes a destination wedding photographer different from a regular photographer?

Not only do I specialize in destination weddings, I specialize in travel. Not everyone knows how to handle all the elements of travel (flight delays, cancellations, visas, etc). Because I’ve photographed all over the world, I’m familiar with all the scenarios imaginable and have navigated them all. So, hiring me means you can put your mind at ease and focus solely on your wedding week.

Q: What's the experience like working with you on wedding day?

My team and I will work with you throughout the day, varying from getting ready to wedding party and family photos, ceremony and reception. At the beginning of the day, we keep it casual and candid as you get ready, letting the early hours of the day unfold naturally. Typically, I will be with one of the wedding couples and my second photographer will be with the other. During the ceremony, you won’t notice us much at all. We like to stay as incognito as we can! When it’s time to take photos of the wedding party, I’ll take charge and guide everyone to get the best shots, making sure it’s quick and fun. At the reception, we’re everywhere! My team and I aren’t shy about getting on the dance floor, taking photos at the bar, or hanging with the old folks. Overall, we make sure to capture all those intimate moments of your friends and family.

Q: Will you give us lots of direction during portraits?

Absolutely. I like to give my couples a lot of direction, but note that it's “direction” and not “posing”! The photos should feel natural and authentic to who you are as a couple. As a photographer, I don’t do the over-posed, super editorial style. I’ll help you express and exude that feeling of excitement and joy. We keep it natural, light, and relaxed.

Q: How large is your photography team and what are their responsibilities?

My team usually consists of three of us: myself, a second photographer, and a non-shooting assistant. My team is incredibly talented and fun, true professionals who are enjoyable to be around. We seamlessly split duties throughout the day, making sure to cover each aspect of the event from cocktail hour to ceremony. Because there’s two photographers, we offer as much variety as we can. If your wedding is substantially larger, whether that be with multiple locations or a higher guest count, we’ll bring on a third photographer. Leading up to your wedding, I’ll work with you and your wedding planner to make sure we have the right team for your event.

Q: Are you comfortable photographing in locations you've never been to?

I love it! At new locations, I tend to be a lot more creative with my photography. Now, I do prioritise virtual location scouting months in advance before your wedding. When we arrive a few days before your wedding, we take in the location as it is then with the foliage, weather, lighting, and all the other important details to integrate. It’s great when I know a venue, but definitely exciting when it’s a new environment to play with.

Q: How many couples do you work with each year?

I limit the number of couples I work with every year so that I can dedicate that time and energy to you throughout the wedding process. As a destination wedding photographer, I spend a good amount of time with you for the wedding, which could be anywhere from 3-7 days. I like to concentrate on capturing every moment without feeling rushed to run off to another wedding. By keeping my client number low, it allows me to spend more time and energy on you.

Q: How long will it take to receive our final photographs?

I’ll deliver about a handful of highlights within 24-48 hours. Because I take on such a limited number of couples per year, I can prioritize editing your photos and will deliver the full gallery usually within 6-8 weeks.

Q: What is your favorite wedding location you've ever photographed?

This is one of my favorite questions! Two weddings immediately come to mind. A buddy brought me to a wedding in Iceland on the shores of glacier lagoon, which was officiated by a native Icelandic viking who passed around a rams head for guests to drink out of during the ceremony. Another wedding that comes to mind was a couple who had a ceremony in Malibu, who then brought me to Kenya for the wedding reception. Not only was it my first time in Africa, I also experienced my first safari. I photographed the couple amongst the lions and elephants in the wild. An incredible memory!

Q: Why should we hire you?

I always tell my couples – choose a photographer who you personally like! Because we’re going to be spending a ton of time together, it’s important to hire a photographer you genuinely get along with. At your wedding, we might be spending a whole week together, with all your friends and family. I’m someone who can get along with every personality type in a room, knows how to travel well, and will help you feel comfortable in front of the camera as you celebrate your big day.